Acoustics and transducer engineering expertise with over 20 years experience using Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology in products for both commercial and industrial markets.


Custom DML exciter designs specific to application using Finite Element Analysis and advanced acoustic modeling based on surface materials and mass.

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Having the right people doing what they love to do...that's at the heart of our business.  Well-trained and enthusiastic to help our clients achieve their goals.

DML Design and Manufacturing

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DML Exciters has the experience you need for successful product development-- from design, engineering, and manufacturing know-how that brings your product quickly to life and into your customer’s hands.


Your designs are what make your company unique to the market. We understand the importance of having trust and confidence in the design, development, and manufacturing of your products. We honor the confidence placed in us and protect each product with stringent audited relationships, non-disclosure agreements, and management of sensitive information.

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